Retro Glazing Options

Homes come with a variety of different windows that need different treatments.
The Measure Up App comes with pre-loaded solutions that workout sizes, profiles, time and costs associated with each solution.

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The right panel for the job!

There are a variety of different window types that require different solutions and specifications. By selecting the matching style for each window panel, the Measure Up app will recommended sizes, profiles and time frames ready for quoting and production.


Timber Windows
Timber framed homes have a variety of window styles that reflect the different time periods that the homes were buit in. The most common is the sash frame that was used in early bungalow style homes and come in three main size groups.
-Small Fanlight frame 0.2m2
-Medium Sash frame  0.4m2
-Large Picture frame 1.0m2
Other styles include the thin edge sashs and direct frame glazing techniques, used in later period homes.


Timber Double Hung
Villas feature the beautiful double hung windows with their signature overlap and decorative horns. Retro glazing these windows requires a higher degree of skill and care, to preserve the character and protect their structure, These windows can be well over 100 years old and their historic value needs to be preserved.
The Measure Up App provides a number of different retro solutions that are provided as options for the customer to select from. 


Aluminium Windows 
The most recent style of retro glazing are the single glazed aluminium windows. These are mostly straight forward with the removal of existing beads or replacement of sashes to provide a retro glazing solution. Unlike the few timber frame profile options, the choice of aluminium profiles is vast. The Measure Up app provides a good selection of the more common profile options as well as colour specifications that can be used to match the existing frames.


Timber Shaped Windows
Timber shaped windows are not common but occasionally they pop up as part of a feature in older bungalow style homes. Getting good information is critical in ensuring that you manufacture the right sized panels and fit the correct shaped profiles. The measure up has an extra size field that is designed to capture the third dimension. It is called 'C' for centre, but may not always be centre. Supporting notes and photos are also helpful with the Measure Up App.


Metal framed Windows
Metal frames are not as common but do exist and need to be dealt with. Most are replaced with new windows but some have ornate characteristics that can be retro glazed. Mostly these windows can be upgraded by replacing the single glass with a double glazed unit, but there are some alternative secondary glazing systems offered through the app that can also be used. 

Check your data before submitting quotes or production

The Measure Up App doesn't provide every solution for retro glazing but it does offer a good number of options. It is expected that this Measure Up app is used in conjunction with suitably skilled people that can problem solve and determine the best solution for the job. The information that the app provides should be checked to ensure that it has the correct information for processing quotes and production specifications. Costly mistakes can be made if the incorrect window panels have been selected or the preferred methods of retro glazing differ from the ones suggested by the measure up app. The Measure Up data can be exported and modified through other applications to ensure it is correct for your requirements.

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