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Mesure Up
Retro Glazing

The Measure Up App is designed to make Retro Glazing faster, more accurate, and easier. Customer management, real-time quoting and production tools will increase productivity and capacity to grow your retro glazing business.

Welcome to the Measure Up App and EVS Management Portal. These digital tools have been designed for Glaziers and Joiners in the retro glazing industry, working on older homes with timber, aluminium or metal window frames. The Measure Up App allows you to quickly and more accurately gather onsite measurements and information, calculate labour and material costs, and provide production specifications. Quotes can be generated while you are still on site with the customer, saving time and avoiding delays. The EVS Measure Up App provides you with control over pricing, product offerings and margins, allowing you to customise your quote to suit the local market and individual customers.


1- Installer  Information

Load Business Location
- Installer Address
- Installer Contact Information
- Glazing Rates
- Margins
- Travel Rates
- Log Out 


2- Load a Location

Load a Location
- Job Address
- Customer Contact Information
- Settings, Margins, Travel
- Site Safety Checklist
- Photos
- Appointments
- Travel Charge On/Off


3- Load a Room

Load a Location/Room
- Name
- Notes
- Hazard Register


4-Load a Window

Load a Location/Room/Window
- Material/Timber/Aloy/Metal/New/Retro
- Number of Panels
- Safety
- Notes
- Photos
- Add Extras/Extra Time/Extra Products


5- Load a Panel

Load a Location/Room/Window/Panel
- Height /Width/Centre Sizes
- Estimate/Actual
- Condition
- Glass Type
- Number of Astragals
- Colour


6- Load the Style

Load a Location/Room/Window/Panel /Style
- Style Design
- Profiles
- Glass Trim Sizes
- Profile Trim Sizes
- More Info Link
- EVS/Retro


The EVS Management Portal
Take all of your customer and job information and organise it into one easy-to-navigate management system. The customer management tools allow you to track the production cycle from enquiry, through to booking appointments, installing, and invoicing. It also allows you to track and record all of your correspondence for future reference. The EVS Management Portal generates production-ready data, detailing job labour content, travel allowances, and material costs, as well calculating glass and profile sizes. The management portal is arranged into three sections; Customer Management, Project Management, and Settings Management. 

Customer Mangement

Store your customer information in easily located job cards

Project Management

All of the information needed to take your project from inception to completion

Settings Management

Quickly manage your app settings, adjust product offerings, rates, margins, and contact details

EVS Products Designed For Retro Glazing Character Homes

EVS Glazing has developed a range of retro glazing products that are designed to retain the character of older homes as well as providing more cost effective price options for customers. We have systems to suit all styles of timber windows. More information


EVS Products
EVS Products are currently only available in New Zealand. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing opportunities in other areas. 

Licensed Installers
We are also seeking expressions of interest to join our network of Licensed EVS Installers. Contact us today for more information.  

Get access to the Measure Up Mobile App and the EVS Management Portal !

Download your copy of the Measure Up app from the Google Play store (currently only available for Android devices)
Download from Playstore

The EVS management portal has all your customer information, job details and production tools. Open your EVS management portal using your login details from the Measure Up app.
Open the Portal

You need to sign up with EVS to get your logon set up for your Measure Up app. Your log-on details will give you access to your EVS management portal.

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Join our EVS Sales and Installation Network
Demand for affordable retro glazing is increasing and EVS is looking to find glazing companies from around New Zealand to provide installation services to our unique range of retro glazing products and services.
Installing EVS is a quick and simple process that allows your business to offer retro glazing services at more competitive prices. EVS will train and support your team with software and product installation.


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